Category: Auto A/C Evaporator

Evaporator. The evaporator is placed behind the AC vent and looks like the heat exchanger. It takes the heat from the car and converts it into liquid refrigerant by changing it into vapor. You can enjoy cooling through the fan inside the passenger’s section.                                        The job of the evaporator is to harness the cold refrigerant in its liquid state. As warm air passes along the evaporator coils, it collects the heat from the air and makes it cool.

Plate Fin/Laminted
Parallel Flow
Serpentine Car Air Conditioning Evaporator

Generally, car aircon evaporator types:

1. Plate Fin/Laminated auto ac evaporator coil or core.

2. Parallel Flow car ac evaporator coil.

3. serpentine auto ac evaporator coil.

Hebei Ala Technology Co., Ltd.    The types of car air conditioner evaporator:


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