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Category: Parking Air Conditioner

The parking air conditioner is an air conditioner that does not require a separate generator, and can directly use the DC power supply of the vehicle battery to make the air conditioner run continuously. No need to rely on vehicle engine power, which can greatly save fuel and environmental pollution.

The advantages of aftermarket truck air conditioner

1. 100% electric, it was battery powered air conditioner for trucks. The ALA truck air conditioner can work with a stopped or running vehicle. Truck ac unit decreases the use of the engine in idle, less wear.

2. The people add on air conditioning for trucks, which also can save fuel. It is not necessary to install anything on the motor. The parking cooler works with the fan alone.

3. Parking cooler can be installed on the roof or back of the cabin. Truck air conditioning units display a digital screen, The truck sleeper air conditioner has a digital thermometer and remote control.

4. Battery protection system with the automatic cut at a certain voltage to prevent the battery from being insufficient to start the vehicle, Available in 12 and 24 V, Can be connected with a 220V permanent function converter while it has power, Parking cooler can install completely in about 2 hours.

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