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The function of the drying bottle is to filter the impurity particles flowing into the air conditioning system circuit and absorb moisture. In addition, it also stores oil and refrigerant. A liquid trap is a similar filtering device, but only available on air conditioning systems with orifice tubes. The liquid collector separator is located on the low-pressure side of the system. In addition to the same filtering and lubricant/refrigerant storage functions as the drying bottle, the liquid collector separator also needs to ensure that no liquid refrigerant enters the compressor.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Receiver driers structure
The air conditioning receiver drier has three primary functions:

1.Liquid storage
Car ac receiver drier is used to receive and store the liquid refrigerant from condenser. The ac condenser turns refrigerant gas into a liquid, the liquid refrigerant enters at the top of the receiver drier and then to the bottom. A tube with a filter in it draws the fluid refrigerant and then passes it to the expansion valve.

 2. Filter and drier
The function of the receiver-drier is to absorb the moisture in the air conditioning system, filter the impurities and prevent ice blockage and dirty blockage in the ac hoop.   

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