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why like import automotive air conditioning parts from China

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Automobiles are the largest and most valuable single manufacturing industry, and the import and export pattern is consistent with the overall trade situation. Among them, the domestic and export competitiveness of parts and components is higher than that of complete vehicles.

China has formed a world-class manufacturing system and an industrial basis for large-scale exports. Chinese officials have actively promoted the development of foreign trade investment by Chinese enterprises. 136 countries have signed the “Belt and Road” cooperation documents with China. The country has vigorously encouraged export policy orientation, making China the largest exporter.

Why like import auto parts from China?

  • The price is cheap, China is developing rapidly, cheap labor and policy encouragement have created a very low unit price of products;
  • Quality is guaranteed. With many years of export experience and continuous export growth, Chinese quality has always been in line with international quality, meeting or even exceeding foreign quality requirements;
  • The delivery time is stable, and China has the most complete industrial chain in the world, from raw materials to finished products can be found within a radius of 10 kilometers, thus ensuring source supply, reducing transportation and costs.

The following is a detailed description of personal opinions from these three aspects.


There are three main reasons why my country’s exports are cheap.

One of them is the psychological reason of exporters in our country. They think that as long as they receive more orders, they will earn more. This is also what we often say about small profits but quick turnover. Therefore, in terms of exports, prices will always be kept low by others. In order to occupy more foreign markets, our exporters will also repeatedly lower their bottom line.

The second reason is that China has a large land and abundant resources, a large population, and an ample labor force, which makes labor costs very low; the industrial chain is relatively concentrated, transportation costs are reduced, the main cost of products is reduced, and the export unit price is also very low.

The third reason is our country’s policy. Our country is an export-oriented country, and export trade is also one of the main directions of my country’s GDP growth. In order to encourage our companies to sell their products abroad and expand foreign markets, my country has introduced a policy of export tax rebates.

In this way, companies have more room for profit, and many companies choose to make up this part of the profit on the export price, so as to obtain a larger market at a lower price.


China is a major producer of consumer products and is gradually becoming one of the biggest consumer products markets. The Chinese government has always been putting consumer products’ safety and quality and consumer health and safety in the first place. As the main supervision administration of the Chinese government on consumer products safety, AQSIQ has always been active to join in worldwide cooperation on international consumer products safety.

(1) Setting up a completed laws system “

The Law on Consumer Rights and Interests Protection of the People’s Republic of China” and “The Law on Product Quality of the People’s Republic of China” have been enacted and come into existence. A series of matching rules and regulations are also established by us together with the related departments concerned under the State Council, and a laws and regulations system with various kinds and reasonable structure is formed, which offers a solid foundation and good environment for guaranteeing and improving the quality of the product and normalizing the trade order.

(2) Establishing a completed and advanced products quality standard system. 

Through actively formulating and revising products standards of China, participating in formulating international standards, and quoting and adopting relevant international standards, the Chinese government has established a products quality standard system that covers most products fields and is comparatively complete and advanced. Now we have more than twenty thousand national standards, which guarantee the quality of products produced in China. At the same time, according to the unified requirement of the State Council, the formulation and revision of standards involving consumer products’ safety and testing methods have been accelerated further. It is stressed that besides conforming to the international standards, the products for export should also be qualified with the standards and technical requirements of the importing country.

(3) Carry out Market Access System

Through management by supervision to the consumer goods manufacturing and processing enterprises, we assure manufacturing consumer goods conform to quality and safety requirements; Through spot check and management, we assure consumer goods being sold on the market conform to quality and safety requirements; Through management by supervision to import commodity inspection, we assure consumer goods entering market conform to safety requirements; Through obligatory certification and accreditation management to part of consumer goods, we assure certificated consumer product conform to quality and safety requirements. After many years’ exploration and efforts, the Chinese government has established a set of whole process supervision systems, which well guarantees the quality and safety of the product

In short, China’s export quality has been following the international pace, meeting international quality requirements, and striving unremittingly for the people’s community all over the world. Many developed countries do not look at China with colored glasses, and they also praise China’s quality.


China has the world’s most complete industrial chain, from raw materials-semi-finished products-assembly-finished products can be completed in China, greatly reducing the cost of transit and transportation, but also ensuring the delivery of products. It can be seen from last year’s new crown epidemic that China has controlled the epidemic very early, and China’s export business is steadily increasing, and it is the only country that has stable delivery.
Since the beginning of this year, China’s leading economic restoration has given us the world’s leading supply advantage, and the continued boom in exports has driven up the prices of some commodities. First, equipment manufacturing-related electrical machinery, special equipment, automobile manufacturing, etc. have greater demand for steel and alloys, which drives the price increase of black gold and non-ferrous industry chains; second, automobile manufacturing and special equipment manufacturing drive demand for tires, which in turn drives rubber products. Third, the global real estate boom drives up the price of building materials, and the prices of non-metallic mineral products and PVC have all increased significantly. Fourth, the “home economy” coupled with the demand for anti-epidemic materials has made the demand for plastic products strong, and the chemical industry The prices of polypropylene PP and polystyrene PS have also risen.

In short, the three major issues that customers are most concerned about: price, quality, and delivery are guaranteed, so more and more foreign friends tend to make in China.

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