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The AC O-ring is a rubber/neoprene fitting that is used in your car’s air-conditioning system to prevent the loss of refrigerant through the leakage. The O-rings are fitted between the pressure valves of the condenser and AC hoses of the compressor.  

Clutch Combination & Characteristic:

1. Hub: Adopt imported grinding machine manufacturing technology, xian torsion. increase and friction between the belt pulley, thus greatly improving its formulation and clutch (appearance plating processing, not rust)

2. Pulley: Imported CNC machining center ”lathe manufacturing process technology, a camping production is completed, and ensure that the product within: 0.004mm range, double a trough belt design (appearance plating processing, not rusting, rubbing)

3. Coil: Is made of high-quality and durable high-temperature wire and high-temperature application package paint manufacturing coil. cooper colis and efficient than normal 1.5 times than the general copper wine high-temperature resistant, not easy to damage. Electroplating processing (appearance, does not rust)


Our Advantages:

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Auto AC O-ring Kits boxes
Hebei Ala Technology Co., Ltd. Hebei. include hoses as below:

Hebei Ala Technology Co., Ltd. export many types of automotive ac clutch & o-ring: In bulk & Boxed and Custom color

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