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Essential supplies to prevent car cold injury, escort your car

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Face more trouble than other seasons. Cars are like human beings, they need something like this to keep out the cold weather. So what car supplies do we need in winter? What role do these supplies play? With these questions, the editor will show you the eight essential winter items for you to provide a reference for you to use the car in this winter.

In the cold winter, car owners may have to face more trouble than other seasons. Cars are like human beings, they need something like this to keep out the cold weather. So what car supplies do we need in winter? What role do these supplies play? With these questions, the car channel will show you the eight essential winter supplies for you to provide references for car use in this winter.

One of the must-have items in winter: plus cotton jersey

In summer, we use ordinary car jackets to prevent sun exposure and rain from corroding the paint. In winter, we use cotton car jackets, which can also play a certain role in car insulation, anti-theft, and flame retardant.

Reason for recommendation: In some areas, the night temperature is low in winter. Even in Beijing with four distinct seasons, it reaches minus 15 degrees Celsius. Under such temperatures, it is more difficult for cars to start. You can put on a cotton-padded jacket to keep your car warm by your own hands. Through the test, the heat preservation effect can reach 3-4 degrees higher than the outside temperature.

Choose to buy: Generally, the price of cotton jerseys ranges from 80-300 yuan. The outer layer of cotton jerseys is made of high-grade nanomaterials or gold-plated materials, and the inner layer is made of high-softness PU material. cotton.

Essential winter supplies Two: Antifreeze glass water

The difference between winter and summer is that in summer, no matter what brand or temperature of glass water is used, it will not freeze. In winter, if summer glass water is used, there will definitely be a problem of freezing. As a result, the car glass cannot be cleaned, and the motor and the glass water storage tank will freeze out.

Recommended reason: to choose anti-freeze glass water for lower temperatures in winter. For example, if the temperature in Beijing has reached minus 15 degrees, then choose glass water temperature to at least minus 25 degrees. Then in colder areas such as Mohe, the temperature reaches minus 30 degrees and below. , It is necessary to use glass water of minus 35 degrees and below to prevent being frozen.

Choose to buy: The price of antifreeze glass water is generally between 15-30 yuan. First of all, we have to decide the type of glass water according to the weather temperature. Under normal circumstances, we should give up more temperature. For example, if it is minus 15 degrees Celsius, then we should buy glass water that is minus 20 degrees and below. If we buy glass water of the same temperature, it is likely to freeze.

The third essential winter supplies: snow tires

Not all cars need to replace snow tires. Snow tires are not very useful for front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive vehicles that often drive in urban areas, but snow tires are very important for drivers who have no driving experience on icy and snowy roads, have special needs, and drive rear-wheel drive vehicles.

Recommended reason: Snow tires can not only ensure the safety of the vehicle in cold temperatures and snow, but also have good handling and braking performance. For areas where winter is all year round, snow tires are the best choice.
Choose to buy: Generally, the price of a set of snow tires is between 2000-3000 yuan. The tread rubber is special high-density fiber, which is wear-resistant and difficult to crush. A certain amount of silicon is added to ensure a larger grounding area and prevent slippage. The performance is brought into full play.

Four essential winter supplies: ice shovel, light shovel

In winter, due to snow, frost and other reasons, the windshield of a car will freeze, which will affect the line of sight, making it more troublesome to remove. Special ice shovel for car windshield can easily solve this problem. When the tires are covered by ice and snow, a light shovel can dig out the ice, snow and dirt.

Recommended reason: In the weather after snow, it is more convenient to bring an ice shovel instead of driving the hot air to melt the snow that affects the line of sight. If the car is buried in the snow, then a light shovel will be your life-saving straw. With them escorting you in winter, there is really nothing to worry about.

Choose to buy: The price of ice and snow shovel is a few yuan, and the price of light shovel is about 20 yuan, which are relatively cheap. Buying them and putting them together with the fire extinguisher will not only take up space, but also provide you with convenience.

Five essential winter supplies: winter cushion

Driving in winter, if the vehicle does not have a seat heating function, presumably all car owners have already purchased winter cushions. Otherwise, every time driving is a challenge. Therefore, the installation of winter cushions in the cold winter has become an effective way to improve the status quo.

Recommended reason: In the cold winter, we need winter cushions on the cold leather seats, which can bring warmth to the owner and have a good driving mood.

Choose to buy: In the market, there are many types of winter cushions, and the price varies from three to five hundred to three to five thousand. In our purchase, safety should be the first priority, so we should choose the inner material that can fit on the seat surface without slipping.

Six essential winter supplies: antifreeze

Antifreeze is a kind of coolant containing special additives, which is mainly used in engine cooling system. Antifreeze has the functions of antifreeze in winter, anti-boiling in summer, anti-scaling and anti-corrosion all year round. Antifreeze should be used throughout the year. When replacing the antifreeze, drain the old solution first to avoid mixing different brands of antifreeze.

Recommended reason: winter nights may reach a few degrees below zero or dozens of degrees. If you want the engine to start at any time, you have to rely on antifreeze. It can ensure that the engine works normally at low temperatures.

Choose to buy: the price of antifreeze is around 50 yuan. The freezing point of antifreeze is one of the important indicators of antifreeze, and it is an important condition for antifreeze to prevent freezing. The lower the freezing point, the higher the boiling point and the greater the temperature difference, the better the quality of the antifreeze. At the same time, pay attention not to mix different brands.

Seven of essential winter supplies: antifogging agent

When driving in the winter, because the windows are rarely opened for ventilation, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the car is large, so that the windshield is covered with fog, which may affect the driver’s sight. Therefore, in winter, car owners can spray some special anti-fogging agent on the windshield to get a better line of sight during driving.

Recommended reason: If there is fog on the windshield, which blocks the driver’s sight, it is likely to cause a traffic accident. If we use an anti-fogging agent, a transparent protective film can be formed on the glass, which can effectively prevent water vapor from condensing on the glass to form a mist layer. This is to avoid the problems caused by fog.

Choose to buy: The price of the anti-fogging agent ranges from a few yuan to tens of yuan. It is flammable and can only be used in a well-ventilated place. Avoid direct sunlight, close to fire or heat sources. Store in a cool place below 50℃. Do not inhale the aerosol during use. The aerosol of this product can cause drowsiness or dizziness.

Summary: In winter, everyone is preparing for themselves by adding clothes to keep warm, and also think about how to prepare for the winter. This is also a kind of protection for you when traveling. While you are equipping your love to drive, be careful not to overlook safety issues. Reasonable decoration can truly warm yourself.

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