Summer is coming, car air conditioning is essential

Hey fam! Do you know what’s crucial for comfortable commutes during the summer? That’s right, your car’s A/C system! And to keep your ride chillin’, you need top-quality automotive air conditioning parts. Let’s take a look at some of the essential components you can find on First up, the compressor. It’s the heart of […]

All Styles For Fittings (Pipe Line Connectors)

Auto AC Fittings All style

Automotive air conditioning fittings play a key role in connecting pipelines and accessories. The quality of the joints directly affects the airtightness of the automotive air conditioning system. Although automotive ac hose fittings are small parts of the air conditioning system, if car air conditioning fittings are broken, the refrigerant may be a leak, causing […]

Automotive Air Conditioning Tools Wholesale

All style of auto ac tools

Auto air conditioning tools are mainly used for inspection and maintenance.
As an automotive air conditioning equipment supplier, There are many automotive air conditioning tools to maintain the normal operation of the car air conditioning system.

All styles for Automotive Air Conditioning Hoses Wholesale China

auto air conditioning hoses

The air-conditioning hose is the blood vessel of the automobile air-conditioning system. Auto Air conditioning hoses that are designed for automotive use are made out of different types of high-quality rubber and have a barrier construction. They have more layers of protection around the flowing refrigerant so that there is a minimized risk of permeation […]

Oh, my God, Price will be raising and the production time will be longer

All the commodity price will be raising Perhaps you have noticed that the recent“dual control of energy consumption” policy of the Chinese government, Limit the Electric Energy has had a certain impact on the production capacity of some manufacturing companies, and the delivery of orders in some industries has to be delayed. In addition, the […]

2021 New Manifold Gauge Set With Recycling Aluminum Valve

2021 New Manifold Gauge Set With Recycling Aluminum Valve

Auto air conditioning tools are mainly used for inspection and maintenance. Manifold Gauge Set is a testing and maintenance tool for automobile air conditioners. In 2021, Hebei Ala Technology Co., Ltd. launched the latest Manifold Gauge Set With Recycling Aluminum Valve, with exquisite appearance, anti-collision protection, accurate detection, and high quality. Pressure gauge set, metal […]

Auto Air Conditioning hoses crimping machine

Auto Air Conditioning hoses crimping machine

The automobile air-conditioning system is composed of air-conditioning pipes and joints connecting various parts. The tight connection of pipes and joints is related to the airtightness of the system. Therefore, the pipes and joints need professional tools to crimp to prevent leakage. Today we will introduce two auto air conditioning hoses crimping machines. 1.ALA-71500 Auto […]

Classification and performance testing standards for automotive air-conditioning pipes

Auto A/C Hoses Supplier

1.Classification of automobile air-conditioning pipes Automobile air-conditioning pipelines are like the “ribs” of the air-conditioning system, which make the relevant parts scattered inside the car body closely connected in an orderly manner, and can also transfer energy to each part to ensure its normal operation. It is well known that the most famous brand in […]

Your one-stop automotive Air Conditioning parts supplier

auto ac parts

Hebei Ala Technology Co., Ltd. Is a leading manufacturer and supplier of auto air conditioning parts in china. By providing “one-stop shopping” of Auto Air conditioning parts components and related A/C tools, Hebei Ala Technology Co., Ltd has become a reliable and professional supplier. With One Stop Automotive A/C Parts shopping Service, we have everything […]